Reserve Bank of India has issued comprehensive guidelines on Know Your Customer (KYC) norms and Anti-money Laundering (AML) standards and has advised all NBFCs to ensure that a proper policy framework on KYC and AML measures be formulated and put in place with the approval of the Board.

Accordingly, in compliance with the guidelines issued by RBI from time to time, the following KYC & AML policy of the Company is approved by the Board of Directors of the Company.

This policy is applicable to all categories of products and services offered by the Company.
Customer Acceptance Policy
Customer Identification Procedure
Required KYC Due Diligence for all customers
Resolution of Discrepancies
Records Retention
Customer CIP Notice
Existing Customers
Enhanced Due Diligence
Reliance on third party due diligence:
Risk Categorisation
Monitoring of Transactions
Risk Management
Customer Education
Applicability to branches and subsidiaries outside India
Appointment of Designated Director / Principal Officer
Annexure - I
Annexure - II
Annexure - IV
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