Better your business potential with SME Loans
Chola SME Loans are business loans created exclusively for Small and Medium Enterprises to grow and diversify their business. Chola offers a range of financial solutions to meet your specific short-term or long-term funding and business expansion requirements.

Explore the Possibilities!
  • Loans can be used for purchasing, installing or modernizing business equipment and other fixed assets
  • Term loans can support your business expansion plans or acquisitions
  • Can be used to refinance an existing debt
  • Helps you stabilize your payment schedule by providing consistent payment amounts
  • Provides peace of mind by maintaining your loan carrying costs when interest rates rise

Key Features:
  • Loans ranging from INR 10 Lakhs up to INR 5 Crores
  • Convenient repayment options
  • Flexible tenure
  • Floating or fixed rate of interest
  • Loans for small and medium business
  • Loans to any Private LTD, Partnership or Proprietorship Company
  • Acceptable Collateral: Commercial Property | Residential Property | Industrial / Factory Land and Building

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