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As one of the largest Non Banking Financial Companies, Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited (Chola) believes that it has a responsibility to fulfill towards the people and the environment in shaping a better future for the nation and enabling a Better Life.
Our CSR programs are carried out as a blended activity along with business. We try to cover not only operating geographies but also extend our activities to the neglected and needy segments of society. Our CSR initiatives are currently concentrated in 12 states - Tamil Nadu, Delhi-NCR, Maharashtra, Assam, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.

Our Key Focus Areas:

  • Health
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Education
  • Arts & Culture
  • Sports
  • Rural Development
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Research and Development
  • Road Safety

About #JaldiKyaHai

#JaldiKyaHai is a road safety initiative against over-speeding, by Chola Finance. In the fast-paced world that we live in, over speeding has become a casual, everyday occurrence. This initiative focuses on the different situations where one speeds beyond the limits and the downsides to the same, in a fun and interesting way. Through this campaign, we hope to bring about a change in the behaviour of road users and make the road a safer place.

Integrated Rural Health Clinic

Chola has supported 3 health clinics in remote villages of Coimbatore where even basic health facilities are not available.
Area of Implementation: Thondamuthur block of Coimbatore
Year of implementation: 2016-17
Implementing Partner: Isha Outreach
Reach: 111 Villages
Beneficiaries: 14,606 Patients

Raahi Drishti Kendra - Vision Centres for Truckers

RAAHI DRISHTI KENDRA VISION CENTRES has been setup at areas frequently visited by drivers and those in the transportation industry. The centres provide free health check-up facilities that includes eye screening, dental check- up, etc.
Area of Implementation: West Bengal, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.
Reach: 51500 and counting
Implementing Partner: Sightsavers India and ARAVALI

Mobile Health Vans

Chola has sponsored Mobile Health Vans equipped with a team of physicians, medical assistants and volunteers. Basic emergency care and medical treatment are being provided to the trucking Community at their locality.
Area of Implementation: Kancheepuram and Coimbatore
Reach: 10000
Implementing Partner: Sevalaya and Isha Outreach

Infrastructure Development

Sir Ivan Stedeford Hospital
Chola offered financial assistance to the Sir Ivan Stedeford Hospital in Chennai to expand its infrastructure and add new facilities in order to cater to the growing number of patients visiting the hospital.
Area of Implementation: Chennai
Beneficiaries: 1.5 Lakhs since 2016
Implementing Partner: AMM Foundation

Valliammai Achi Hospital

Chola offered financial support to run and maintain the Valliammai Achi Hospital located in the remote forest area of Kadayalumoodu in Kanyakumari district. The hospital is the only medical facility available to the tribal and village community in and around the area.
Area of Implementation: Kanyakumari
Implementing Partner: AMM Foundation
Beneficiaries: 50,000 people since 2015

Swaccha Marathwada

Chola has identified several villages in Maharashtra that have no access to clean drinking water and where the ground water is contaminated with high fluoride content. In these villages Chola has installed Any Time Water (ATW) with Reverse Osmosis technology.
Thousands of people and families who could not afford to buy water from commercial companies are now able to enjoy clean drinking water.
Area of Implementation: Latur, Nanded, Osmanabad & Parbhani
Implementing Partner: Bala Vikasa Social Service Society
Beneficiaries: 18,000 poor families from 79 villages since 2016

Swaccha Odisha

In remote villages in Odisha where there is no electricity or any form of power, there is also water scarcity making it extremely difficult for people to have their basic needs met. Chola has identified few villages and has installed bore wells, overhead tanks and solar powered motors to draw water. Chola has also constructed bath-cum toilets which help hundreds of families and children.
Area of Implementation: Angul & Balangir
Implementing Partner: Women Education Environment & Regional Center for Development Cooperation
Beneficiaries: 600 poor families 2,850 children per year since 2017

Smart Toilets at Karunilam Village

Chola has been working with the rural community from Karunilam village in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu to bring about a behavioral change towards adopting good hygienic practices. Chola has installed smart toilets that will primarily benefit the women and children.
Area of Implementation: Karunilam village, Kancheepuram district, Tamil Nadu
Implementing Partner:
Beneficiaries: 170 families in 2017

Swaccha Karimnagar

In Telangana districts of Karimnagar, Nalgonda and Warangal there is a growing issue of water contamination by murk, arsenic and fluoride. Excessive amount of fluoride if ingested for a long period, leads to a crippling disease known as Fluorosis that has a significant impact on teeth and bones.
Chola has adopted the district of Karimnagar and intervened to help provide safe drinking water for the rural community. Chola has setup RO water plants in different villages where about 250 households are benefitted on a daily basis.
Area of Implementation: Karimnagar
Implementing Partner: Bala Vikasa Social Service Society
Beneficiaries: 250 households since 2015

Swaccha Raipur

Chola has implemented �Swacch Raipur Project� with the purpose of providing the trucking community with access to basic hygiene and sanitation facilities. This is our overall effort to holistically improve their basic living and working conditions.
Chola has installed two 30 seater semi-deluxe toilet complexes and purified drinking water facilities through reverse osmosis (RO) process at Bhilai Hathkhoj Transport Nagar and Pandri Bus stop.
Area of Implementation: Bhilai Hathkhoj Transport Nagar and Pandri Passenger Bus Stand, Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Implementing Partner: NGO Sulabh International for clean toilets NGO Bala Vikasa Social Services Society for purified drinking water
Beneficiaries: 4,000 per day for next 30 years

Holistic School Program

Chola has sponsored a comprehensive set of programs that inspire students and create the right environment for them to learn and grow. Chola offers support towards the development of the school infrastructure, provide sports and lab equipments, donation of school buses and provide latest teaching aids and technology tools.
Area of Implementation: Viluppuram, Nagercoil & Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu
Implementing Partner: Isha Education
Beneficiaries: 7,000 children since 2016

Learning Through Arts

Chola has implemented several programs that use arts and crafts to teach core subjects like Science, Maths and Languages with the aim of helping children enjoy learning and reduce the number of school dropouts.
Area of Implementation: Kanchipuram & Chennai in Tamil Nadu
Implementing Partner: Nalandaway
Beneficiaries: 1,400 students since 2016

Free Education for Deserving Students

TI School believes in imparting meaningful education by providing opportunities for experiential learning and self learning. The school also supports students from low income groups giving them an opportunity to get a good education. Chola has funded the education costs of 116 students enabling them to get free education in a reputable institution.
Area of Implementation: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Implementing Partner: AMM Foundation
Beneficiaries: 116 students since 2016

Learning Through Technology

Most of the city schools have smart classes and the engagement levels are much higher than schools in the rural areas. Chola has sponsored technology based learning programs to enable students in rural schools to make learning fun. Through the use of tablets and Skype sessions, Maths and Spoken English are being taught to kids along with other engaging activities such as worksheets, games, puzzles, problem solving activities etc.
Area of Implementation: Kanchipuram District in Tamil Nadu
Implementing Partner: AID India
Beneficiaries: 600 students since 2016

Supporting Children with Disability

Chola believes that every child deserves a playground and every child must have equal access to the best play opportunities. Chola sponsored special playground equipment to Worth School in Katpadi, Vellore for hearing and speech impaired children and also for mentally challenged children. It also supported the training centers in the trust.
Area of Implementation: Vellore
Implementing Partner: Worth Trust
Beneficiaries: 260 students since 2016
Both visual and performing arts give an insight into the cultural heritage of a nation. It is important that it is preserved and passed on from one generation to another. Chola has been involved with organizations like DakshinaChitra for preserving traditional arts and culture. We extend our support in sponsoring programs that provide learning through art for students and interns. Chola extends its support to art museums and celebrates thematic cultural festivals of various states.
Area of Implementation: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Beneficiaries: 60 students per year since 2015
Just as education is an important factor, sport also could be used as a tool to benefit the youth and women in the rural areas. Sport is a healthy way to discharge youth energy along with vitality. Chola has provided sports kits, setup several volley ball and throw ball courts and also trained hundreds of youth in professional sports with the best-in-class coaches in rural areas of Coimbatore and Chennai district in Tamil Nadu.
Area of Implementation: Coimbatore & Chennai in Tamil Nadu
Beneficiaries: 396 women, youth and children since 2016

Professional Football Coaching at Murugappa Youth Football Academy

The Murugappa Youth Football Academy is a private coaching institution that offers free football coaching for young boys from economically weaker backgrounds. The academy has internationally trained professional coaches. The students are provided with the best facilities which otherwise they cannot afford. Chola has been offering financial support to the academy to continue its efforts in grooming competent players and responsible individuals.
Area of Implementation: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Beneficiaries: 94 students since 2016

Unifying Village Youth Through Sports

Chola believes that sports bind people together regardless of caste and community. It is a language that every youth understands and is a means to channelize energy and put to constructive use for the benefit of the community. Chola has sponsored professional coaching for volley ball, throw ball, on the field activities and has also setup many courts in about 54 villages in Coimbatore district.
Area of Implementation: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Beneficiaries: 300 students since 2016
Chola is committed to raising the standard of living conditions of the people living in rural areas. A few initiatives that Chola is focusing on is to bring reliable energy to homes, provide clean drinking water and enable access to basic medical facilities.
Area of Implementation: 56 Villages
Beneficiaries: 93,261 families in 2016 & 2017

Rural Development in Thondamuthur

Chola has mobilized 54 villages in Thondamuthur block of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Key initiatives in these areas are focused on improving the quality of education, providing access to health facilities, promoting rural sports and raising awareness on solid waste management.
Area of Implementation: 54 villages in Coimbatore
Implementing Partner: Isha Outreach
Beneficiaries: 92,261 families since 2016

Rural Development in Nathamedu

Chola has identified Nathamedu village in Thiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu where the rural community needs intervention in areas like education, health, water & sanitation.
Chola is currently working on projects like a Free Tuition Centre for School Children, RO Water Plant for Drinking Water, Community Toilet and a Medical Centre.
Area of Implementation: Nathamedu village, Thiruvallur District
Implementing Partner: Sevalaya
Beneficiaries: 1000 families
Chola�s efforts on environmental sustainability are primarily inclined towards the protection of endangered species of birds and rare animals.
Area of Implementation: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh & Lakshadweep

Madras Crocodile Bank Trust

The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust was established in 1976. To sustain its operations on conservation of endangered species of KOMODOS, CROCODILES and ALLIGATORS, Chola offers financial support towards expansion of infrastructure, conservation activities and other sustainable efforts.
Area of Implementation: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Implementing Partner: Madras Crocodile Bank Trust

Partnership with Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF)

Community Led Conservation in SPITI

Chola has partnered with Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) towards facilitating the coexistence of people and wildlife and ensuring a sustainable future for both in Spiti which is a cold desert mountain valley located high in the Himalaya Mountains in the north-eastern part of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Chola makes an annual contribution to the livestock security program.

Nature Conservation Awareness among Children

Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) developed a comprehensive and regionally adaptable set of materials on birds and nature to create awareness on nature conservation amongst children.

Study to Identify The Threats to The Coral Reefs in Lakshdweep

NCF conducted a genetic analysis to identify the 6 commercial target species caught in trawl fishery (the dominant commercial fishery) in Lakshdweep in order to protect the fast disappearing coral reefs.
Chola supports and empowers organizations that focus on developing an ecosystem that would breed an entrepreneurial culture. Currently Chola has partnered with research organizations Shri A.M.M. Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre (MCRC) and IIT Madras. Both organizations have created academic and technology incubators for innovation and social impact. The facilities at these organizations are open to college and university students, professors and scientists.
Area of Implementation: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Partnership with Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre (MCRC)

Chola provides financial support to fund key projects of MCRC, a non-profit research organization established in 1973 at Chennai. MCRC develops sustainable solutions using appropriate Science and Technology interventions to improve livelihoods of the rural community. The Centre mainly works in areas of Food, Energy, Environment and Development in rural India.
Area of Implementation: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Partnership With IIT Madras

Chola partners with Indian Institute of Technology Madras and funds some of their technology incubation projects for nurturing and overseeing innovation and entrepreneurship and also provides scholarship for deserving students.
Area of Implementation: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Chola has supported the natural disaster struck areas in times of need. The devastation visited on Kerala by the deluge and landslips for two years in succession is unprecedented in living memory. As a responsible corporate citizen Chola supported the displaced population by supporting the Snehabhumi humanitarian project to provide 100 stable houses to those who have lost their dwellings.
Area of implementation- Kerala
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