1. Always use strong password (combination of "Cap letters, Small letters, Numbers and Special Chars) to prevent easy guessing and brute force password attacks
  2. Change your passwords periodically
  3. While browsing and sharing sensitive information like card number, PAN number etc., ensure your website address begin with "https" and look for the padlock symbol which indicates that the connection is secure
  4. Use Anti-Virus Software and update it regularly to prevent your device from virus / malware infection
  5. Never share your user / account credentials (user name and password) with anyone
  6. Lock your mobile and tablet devices, when not in use or when you are stepping away from the equipment
  7. Use different password for different websites to control risk from password hacks
  8. When in doubt, access websites by manually typing the URL (website address) instead of accessing the website by clicking the URL that you may have received in an email or SMS text.
  1. Don't / Avoid responding to any pop-up ads that may come up on your screen
  2. Don't / Avoid accessing websites through Public Wi-Fi or Open / Free Wi-Fi
  3. Don't ever provide your personal and sensitive information over a telephone call. Kindly note that Cholamandalam will never ask your personal and sensitive information over phone or email
  4. Don't click on links in emails that you receive from unknown sources, it may have originated from phishing domains and could steal your sensitive information like username, password, and browser cookies
  5. Don't close your browser window without logout or sign-out, your session may be hijacked when logout is not done properly
  6. Don't set your password / PIN by that uses commonly known data about you like your Date Of Birth, Address, Name / Initials etc.

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Customers can write to us at
Call us on our toll-free number:
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