Talented Minds Think Future!

Learning and development is fundamental to any organisation. Chola Learning Academy was founded in 2013-2014 and was setup in 4 different cities, Chennai, Pune, Delhi and Kolkata. The learning academy is the company’s centre for excellence. Chola Learning Academy combines business training with talent management programs. The academy’s mission is to assist the organisation in achieving growth and progress through process improvement, product innovation and employee engagement.


To Build a world class learning environment that develops a competent and engaged workforce propelling Chola to a position of leadership.


  1. To create a continuous learning organisation.
  2. Implement an efficient knowledge management system for effective dissemination of knowledge to all stakeholders of the organisation.
  3. Enhance business and behavioural skills of every employee to match the performance expectations.
  4. Build sustainable leadership pipeline commensurate with Chola’s business growth plans.
  5. Identify learning and development needs of every employee.
  6. Create and deliver learning content for continuous performance improvements.