Future Of Electric Cars In India

As fuel prices are going over the roof, electric automobiles make a lot of sense and are gaining traction in India. They are green and clean, less operational costs, easy to maintain, etc. Can electric cars be the future of mobility? let’s find out.

The Government Support

Despite their high costs, the number of electric car buyers are spiking every year. With time, when these automobiles become more sophisticated, these numbers can only go up. The Indian government with its initiative for a cleaner and self-reliant future, will keep encouraging its citizens to go electric by giving away subsidies.

Operational Costs

Electric cars are cheaper to operate. Here’s why. You will spend around 8 to 10 rupees per km in a petrol car whereas in an electric car, you will spend 1.2 to 1.4 rupees per km. This suggests that electric cars are 8 to 10 times cheaper to operate than our traditional cars.

Discovery Of Lithium

The discovery of lithium in Jammu and Kashmir is a significant development for India's electric vehicle industry. Lithium is a critical component in the production of batteries used in electric vehicles, and currently, India relies heavily on imports for its lithium requirements. The finding of these reserves is anticipated to lessen India's reliance on imports and increase the affordability and accessibility of electric vehicles for the general public.

Global Climate Change

Climate change is becoming a concern across the globe. Realizing their profound impact, India is taking massive steps to curb pollution by promoting electric vehicles. The government has created programs like the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. The goal is to reduce India's dependence on crude oil. With its population of 1.4 billion people, India’s EV adoption will be a global win.

Charging Infrastructure

The availability of electricity while on the move is a major concern for EV owners. To combat this, the Indian government and private EV players are ramping up charging stations where people can park up and charge their vehicles. The number of charging stations can only increase with time, and so will be the usage of EVs.

Expanding Market

Since the EV market is booming, new players are cropping up every now and then. Both two-wheelers and four-wheelers are seeing a steady rise in the number of models and this gives the consumer more options to explore.

To Summarize

In addition to saving money on fuel and improving the environment, buying an EV will put you in the hot seat for the future of mobility in India. They are noiseless, environment friendly, and saves you a lot of money while offering sheer driving pleasure. You just can’t go wrong with owning one.