The need of school buses is set to grow exponentially!

Autorickshaws, tum-tums, and vans have always been the common means of transport preferred by Indian parent to send their kids to school. Though these private modes of transport lack comfort, and safety for the kids, these are preferred for being a pocket-friendly option for the parents. This was the Indian market scenario until COVID-19 hit the country. Health and safety have been valued more than ever after the COVID-19 scenario. Parents didn’t want their children to go to school cramped in an autorickshaw with nearly no safety measures. Though COVID-19 turned out to be one of the main reasons for parents to choose school busses over other transport, there are other reasons too for the change of preference. Let’s take a closer view to the reasons why parents are preferring school buses over other mode of transport:

1. Modern Amenities:

Modern amenities and services including air conditioning, air suspension, top-notch engines, transmission systems, and several other safety and entertainment elements have been added to the recently launched buses.

2. Strict Government Rules:

The government previously established several rules that school buses must abide by. All school buses now have to include CCTV cameras, horizontal window grills, door locks, a first aid box, a fire extinguisher, and room underneath the seat for the school bag. They should also be easily recognized because they have the phone number of the school painted on their bodies.

3. Convenient seats:

School buses cannot overboard kids and hence the buses run on a limited-seat basis which makes it convenient for the children to travel safely.

4. Online Tracking:

An on-board tracking device has been chosen by many schools to monitor the movement of the bus. A few schools also provide access to the parents to track their children while traveling through the buses.

5. Attendees:

Every bus is present with one or two attendees to attend to the children on board and to monitor them in the absence of their parents which adds to the safety of the children.

All the above-mentioned factors have contributed to the exponential post-COVID-19 growth in the bus sector in India. In the upcoming years, we can always aspire for success in the segment. The market for school buses worldwide is expected to grow significantly between 2024 and 2031, according to the estimate by market analysts. The market is anticipated to expand beyond the estimated horizon in 2024 due to the constant growth rate and increasing adoption of tactics by major players.

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