Diwali at Chola

As Diverse, rooted and beautiful as India – that was Diwali at Chola!

Chola celebrated Diwali this year with a lot of enthusiasm, grit, team spirit and collaborative creativity. Everything was about unity in diversity, grandeur, style, team play, spirit of excellence and pure love for the festivities.

The overall theme of the event was Unity in Diversity as seen in our great country, with an amalgam of cultures, traditions, rituals, beliefs, customs, people, experiences, cuisines, art, and everything explicitly Indian! The employees were asked to form groups and pick different states of the country to depict its unique cultural authenticities during the Diwali festival.

It was not just engaging and entertaining, but an event with the confluence of celebration, colours, décor, fashion, culture, rituals, food, drinks and music. It was an event that depicted the power of coming together of cultures as diverse as people from different walks of life to form the strongest foundation of not just ethnicity, but absolute commemoration.

Many teams came together to rejoice on this auspicious day of Diwali at Chola. There was laughter, a lot of selfies, good food, rocking music, singing, dancing, ramp walks and a lot of fun! Simply put, this year at Chola, Diwali celebrations connected people irrespective of boundaries. The festivity promoted unity and employee engagement to a whole new level.