Navaratri Celebrations at Chola

A Confluence of colours, cultures and more…

Navaratri is a beautiful festival spanning over 9 days celebrated in this culturally and spiritually rich land called India. This festival is a grand celebration of the victory of good over evil. At Chola, we tried to immerse ourselves in the divinity and the auspicious rituals carried out during the days of Navaratri.

We were able to fill our work space with the awareness of the festival, the lively and cheerful air of the festivity and the vibrancy of the season itself.

Chola Celebrates Navaratri in Colours and Style!

Yes, we were able to bring out the vibrancy and the colourful spirit of Navaratri this year by encouraging all our employees to dress up in the nine different colours that represent each day of the festival. The office looked elegant and full of vigour in the specified colours every day. Day 1 represented the colour white, day 2 was red, day 3 represented royal blue, day 4 was for yellow and day 5 was kept aside for colour green.

A Display of Oneness in Chola as Always!

Golu Contest Emoted Team Spirit and Kinship

It was a joy to conduct the Golu competition along with dressing up in the “colour of the day”. We had so much fun and a lot more understanding of the festival from the diverse group of employees we have at Chola. Many participants joined hands in creating stunning Golus for the competition. It was not just fun and smiles, but a time of emotions, lessons, teamwork and pure joy of sharing time, effort and the season itself!

We Wrapped Up with Two Teams Winning the Golu Contest!

Two out of six teams were recognized for the brilliant effort they put in for the Golu contest. Exhilarating ideas, creative output, overwhelming enthusiasm and love for the internal activities of the office, our employees aced in creating a divine aura during the days of Navaratri. We are more than happy to anchor such initiatives not just for employee engagement, but to keep alive Indian tradition, culture and celebrations that are slowly but surely fading with time and the modernity of our society.

Chola takes pride in bringing out the best in our employees by encouraging them to be the best version of themselves not just in terms of working and bringing profit to the company, but in bringing profitable results to them as individuals.