Pongalo Pongal At Chola

Pongal is not just a popular festival in South India, but at Chola too!

Pongal is a festival that is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at Chola. We at Chola take this season so to heart that the events and activities that are conducted in the office premises inspire and prompt each employee to be part of the festivities and fun.

Cholaites Adorning the Tamil Nadu Traditional Attire

This year Pongal was all about colours, culture, and creativity at Chola. Employees were motivated to showcase their talents in singing, dancing, pot painting, and more! It was indeed a day filled with spirit of excitement and splendor!

First off, we were asked to come in traditional and ethnic wear to emphasize the cultural authenticity of the festival. Everyone came dressed up in pattu veshtis, sarees, half sarees, and pavadai thavanis to adorn the festivities with glam and vibrant colours!

Traditional Pongal Games at Chola

Pot painting was another event planned for Pongal at Chola. It emphasized the importance Chola gives to the hidden and often forgotten talents and interests of its employees! Everyone had so much fun painting the little clay pots handed to them to showcase their spirit of Pongal with paint. These pots came out so well and the competition was indeed a tough one to judge. This event reflected the essence of Pongal and the harvest season in Tamil Nadu and it was beautifully recreated by Cholaites.

Uriyadi was another fun competition that was held during Pongal at Chola. It is the traditional Pongal game from Tamil Nadu that was incorporated in the Chola office. Employees who were interested in participating were blindfolded and asked to break open a pot that hung above their heads. It was a classic Pongal game and everyone had so much fun!

There were other fun games curated for men and women to intensify the spirit of Pongal. Manjal thanni games for women and hopscotch games for men were conducted to give everyone a cultural and traditional glimpse of Pongal.

Other cultural events that were planned to enhance the celebrations were dance, music, and skits that were so wonderfully incorporated and performed by Cholaites. It was indeed such a jolly event at Chola with Pongal special lunch and sweet Pongal that was prepared in the office premises. The office was decorated with kolams and thoranams that added to the spirit of Pongal.